Do you feel like you have your shit mostly together but your food issues are holding you back from the amazing life you could have?

Do you eat "perfect" all week just to binge all weekend?

Do you obsess over food and your weight?

Do food rules control your life?

Do you want to stop living your days just waiting for that cheat meal?

Do you eat everything in the house because the diet starts Monday?

Do you want this struggle to finally be over?

Hear how Brandi (mother of 6 and amazing woman) has changed her life in this program.


Here's How It Will Work:

We will kick off your journey with 1 private coaching session!

2 Group Coaching video calls a month

2 LIVE Q&A video calls a month

Private Facebook Group

Unlimited Email Support

** All calls are recorded so if you cannot make it live you won't miss a thing **

This 6 month program is $209/m


My name is Lauren and I am so excited to work with you. I'm a Body Love Coach, a self love advocate and the founder of The Body Love Tribe.

The reason I do what I do is because I struggled with an eating disorder and extreme dieting for 10 years. My weight determined my worth for an entire decade and I was trapped in a mind full of obsessive thoughts around food and my weight. 

When I was at my lowest point I had no where to go but up and that's where I began my self love journey. Once I truly learned how to love myself and what that really meant I realized that my relationship with myself, my body and food started to heal. 

Now I dedicate my life to helping women break free from the soul sucking diet/ disordered eating world. I now know what it feels like to be free and truly happy and I'm thrilled to help other women feel this way.


Hi there!

I'm Jenna Free, Intuitive Eating Counsellor, Body Image Coach and founder of You Ain't Your Weight. I am so happy to be a part of this amazing community and this powerful group of women.

My journey started when I was 16 and was sick and tired of being the "fat friend" and I began my first diet. All seemed to be going great until my life was completely overcome with food and weight obsessions. I would schedule my life around my meals and workouts, I was controlled by food rules and I hated my body no matter how much weight I lost.

When I discovered Intuitive Eating and the power of self love I was hooked! I knew this was the answer for so many women out there struggling with the same things that I did.

I am here to help YOU get to the place I am at now. Confident, happy and at peace in my body. Are you ready?


" You guys have changed my life in so many ways."

- Karen, TBLS Round 1

Ready to achieve this kind of freedom and joy again?


Ready for some serious results in just 6 months?


+ The ability to eat whatever you want and feel great doing it

+ Freedom from the diet mindset and food rules

+ Being able to go out for dinner with your friends and not stress about the calories

+ Feeling comfortable in your body and in your clothes (regardless of the size)

+ Discover who you are without the constant quest for weight loss

+ Only do movement you actually like

+ Cultivate happiness in the life you have NOW


SESSION 1: The Goal Weight Myth + How to Get Started

+ What is your healthy weight?

+ How to get rid of body hate triggers

+ First steps in getting out of the dieting mindset



Take those first steps copy 2.png

SESSION 2: Intuitive Eating

+ How to listen to your body so you never have to diet again

+ How to eat what you want without guilt or shame

+ Discover foods that you REALLY love



SESSION 3: Self Love

+ How to create happiness NOW

+ Vision Board Party!

+ Creating your self love practice

BONUS: Best book recommendations


SESSION 4: Movement

+ How to repair your relationship with exercise

+ How to find movement you like and fit it into your schedule

+ How to listen to your body so you don't need to follow a strict workout plan



SESSION 5: How to Stop Binge Eating

+ How to make peace with food 

+ How to reintroduce forbidden foods without guilt

+ Learn WHY you binge and how to prevent it



SESSION 6: Respect your body/ Accept your body

+ Why this is so important in your journey

+ Tools on how to respect your body

+ How to focus on health instead of weight and find your healthy balance



SESSION 7: The Bigger Picture

+ How to help and mentor others to heal yourself

+ How to be of service to each other in the community

+ Create strong bonds with other society members



SESSION 8: Living in the Real World

+ Conquering vacations and travel with confidence

+ Last minute plans - No sweat!

+ Dieters are going to be in your life -- how to deal.



SESSION 9: Gentle Nutrition

+ How to implement nutrition without it turning into another diet

+ Creating the balance you've been looking for

+ How to be your happiest, healthiest self



SESSION 10: Healthy Mindset - Mind, Body, Soul

+ Dealing with stress and anxiety

+ How to tackle the diet voices

+ How to get away from self judgement



SESSION 11: Ask Us Anything Q & A

+ We will address anything that is still challenging you

+ Personal Advice from Jenna & Lauren

+ You are in the drivers seat




+ Share your biggest wins!

+ Plan your next steps

+ Get excited about the amazing progress you've made!


Want to have fun and actually enjoy food and movement again?

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