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are you Ready to make dieting hell a thing of the past?

Are you ready to move on with your life?

Are you ready to make 2018 the year food becomes easy?

Don't let yourself start another year on a diet that will fail by March anyways...

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Diets don't work but we've been told that they are the only way to live a healthy life. 

in reality, When we're dieting we get stuck in a damaging cycle that is almost unbreakable unless you know how to get out.

This is where we come in.


We both went through decades of disordered eating, restriction, bingeing, and we were entirely consumed by food and body thoughts all day, everyday. We never thought things could be any different but, wow, are they ever. 

We now eat intuitively, feel free around food and feel great in our bodies. It was a difficult journey to get here but with everything we learned, we now lead other women to this freedom with ease.


Let's make food easy.

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Intuitive Eating and self love are the keys to ditching the diet once and for all.

Eating intuitively is how we came into this world. Babies cry when they're hungry and they stop when they're full. They don't question if it's good or bad, they just listen to their bodies and there's no guilt or shame around food. This is what we teach you to tap into to live a balanced life without even trying. 

Diet culture teaches us to overthink and to question our body's ability to take care of us.  

Please note: Intuitive Eating does NOT mean eating "junk food" all day long. It is tapping into your body's ability to make balanced choices.


Become an Intuitive Eater !

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You will be taught how to eat confidently without someone else telling you what to do every day.

You cannot fall off the wagon because there is no wagon! This is a way to live and eat for the rest of your life.

We teach you how to make peace around food so that one piece of cake doesn't always turn into five.

We are with you every step of the way and you leave EMBODYING intuitive eating, not just knowing it. 

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This is your ticket out of dieting forever.

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We start January 10th, 2018!

WEEK 1: Ditching the Diet Mentality

  • Learn why diets are actually making you gain weight
  • Tools and mindset shifts to start changing how you see food 
  • Unlearn the diet rules that have kept you in this cycle for so long 
  • Get rid of all or nothing thinking (restricting and bingeing)

WEEK 2: How to Listen To Your Body

  • How to tap into your body signals (hunger, fullness, satisfaction)
  • How to trust your body in order to create balance without trying so hard
  • How to make food choices with ease and actually enjoy food again

WEEK 3: Pleasure and Satisfaction for Health

  • We're taught if we're suffering or restricting then we're being healthy. Learn how enjoying food and movement is THE way to be happy AND healthy
  • How to eat so you're not thinking about your next meal until you're actually hungry
  • The way to NOT think about food all day, every day

Week 4:  Combat the Diet Voices

  • Learn tools and strategies to quiet those constant diet voices (you know, the ones telling you you're bad and wrong for eating anything other than a chicken breast and broccoli)
  • Be able to eat food without guilt (which prevents binge eating)
  • How to live in a world full of diet voices and not be affected or triggered

Week 5: Improve Body Image

  • Accept and love the body you have now (Acceptance of your body NOW is the key to freedom and finding your healthiest weight)
  • Learn how to practice self compassion and stop judging yourself so harshly (Nobody's perfect!)
  • If you don't love your body now, you won't love it no matter how much weight you lose
  • Body image improvement is an important element in ditching the diet for good

Week 6: How to make this last a lifetime

  • Never again say, "the diet starts on Monday"
  • How to make this a permanent change
  • Support plan
  • Your best next steps
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Find balance without even trying.


START DATE: January 10th

Weekly one hour coaching calls (with Q and A time) - Wednesdays at 6 pm PST.

All calls will be recorded

Submit your questions in the Facebook Group before the call if you can't be on live

Private Facebook group for support - Ask questions anytime and get coaching in the group 

Facebook Live training bonuses


Lifetime access to call recordings

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Hi, we're Jenna Free and Lauren McAulay founders of The Body Love Society.

Three years ago we were body obsessed, bingeing, food crazed women. We'd been dieting for over 20 years combined and we were in the same place we started; unhappy in our bodies and out of control around food.

NOW? We are body lovin', anti-diet, free around food, Intuitive Eating counsellors and body love coaches! Food is easy, fun and enjoyable again. 

HOW? Intuitive Eating and Body Positivity helped us both escape the diet cycle and find the happiness we always thought the weight loss would bring.

It's time to enjoy life again.

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Which life will you choose?



We get it! But did you know going on a diet is a high predictor of future weight gain?

66% of dieters gain more weight than they lost in the first place and only 5% of people lose the weight and keep it off.

Therefore, if you are afraid of gaining weight I would recommend you stop dieting immediately.

With Intuitive Eating you are 100% guaranteed to be healthy, feel amazing and be FREE!

How do those odds sound?

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* Satisfaction guaranteed