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 You’ve quit weight watchers for the 11th time and finally realize, if the diets haven’t worked yet, they’re never going to.

You’ve learned a bit about Intuitive Eating and it seems like the answer but it feels out of reach.

You are stuck — you know you can’t go back to dieting but you also can’t seem to crack the code on Intuitive Eating.

You just can’t continue to obsess over food and your body all day.

The next 10 years CANNOT be like the last 10.


Hi! We’re Jenna and Lauren, your Intuitive Eating and Body Love Coaches.

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We have been where you are. After 20 + years of being trapped in the restrict/binge cycle there came a day when enough was enough.

For me (Jenna) it was when I was packing for a Mexico vacation and thinking about how when I lose just 5 more pounds it will be so fun!  But wait a minute… after 10 years of dieting and yo-yoing up and down there was NEVER a day when I felt like it was good enough. So would this ever end no matter what the scale said?

For me (Lauren) it was when I was talking to a friend about self love and I literally didn’t know what that was. Self Love? All I knew was “discipline” and the feeling of never being enough, I never had any moments of being content or feeling like I was at a place where I could love myself without always trying to “improve”.

This BS wasn’t worth waking up every morning worrying about what I ate yesterday and going to bed every night being ashamed of what I ate today. The bingeing on the weekends was totally out of control. There had to be a way out.

We set out to find what we were doing wrong and how we could get out of this cycle we were in.

After a lot of research and practice, we both ditched the diets, and begun our journey towards body acceptance and becoming Intuitive Eaters.

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We never imagined what a difference becoming Intuitive Eaters would make.

We now eat freely, move our bodies in ways we enjoy, and most importantly our minds are clear to focus on the things that matter.

Being able to listen to our bodies allows us to go through weddings, pregnancies and every day life without the constant obsession of trying to change our bodies or control the way we eat.

We no longer have to skip social events because we are afraid of what food will be there.

The most exciting part? When you find this freedom, it is yours forever.

We will never have to “start again on Monday”.

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 Food and body freedom is possible for you.

No matter how long you’ve been dieting, what age you are or what size your body is.

Almost 100 women have gone through the Intuitive Eating Academy to come out the other side as Intuitive Eaters.

In 6 months you can be truly free from the diet mentality and you WILL find food freedom.

The Intuitive Eating Academy is what will make this happen for you.

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“ I have zero anxieties about what I’m going to eat now. Food is just food.”

— Sarah


 The Intuitive Eating Academy is a 6 month group program that turns you into an Intuitive Eater so you can find food freedom and feel good in your body NOW.

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“I got freedom from this program. Freedom from obsessing over food, from obsessing over my body. I am free from diet culture now.”

— Joanna

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Be an Intuitive Eater

You can go to a buffet dinner and it's easy to choose what you want and leave the rest. You don't need to skip it nor do you need to eat until you're about to burst! You get to live in that balanced, middle place that feels free and fun!

Stop Obsessing Over Food

Be like your girlfriend that can just eat a piece of cake at the birthday party and keep chatting and mingling like it was nothing. Social events are fun again.


Accept Your Body

Wake up feeling like enough, there is nothing to fix, just a fun day ahead of you that you get to live to the fullest. You can live knowing you don't need to shy away from anything because of your body. You can do it all now!

Have Food Freedom

You can be more spontaneous and go to any restaurant with your partner and not have to look up the menu ahead of time. You can just order what looks good!

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When you join the program we will be working together for 6 months.

This is what that looks like:

You will receive a new module every Sunday with video lessons and worksheets that cover the Intuitive Eating strategies and mindset shifts that need to happen for you to become an Intuitive Eater.

We will complement this with weekly live coaching calls where all of your questions will be answered and we will work together to change the way you think about food and your body.

But it takes even more than this — daily support will also be provided in our private Facebook group, just for those in the program (maximum 15 women). This way you don’t have to wait until our coaching call to get support, we will fully answer your questions every single day of the 6 months so you know you’re always headed in the right direction.


“ I haven’t binged in 6 months. It’s gone!”

— Amanda

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We get straight to it from day 1 and we don't stop supporting, teaching and leading you until the last day of the program (and beyond). 

This intensity allows us to help you shift your mindset so you see food as not such a big deal and you are able to listen to your body and quit binge eating fast.


We do not offer shorter programs because they just don't work. If you're going from small program to small program, (or just reading books) it's like taking two steps forward and one step back.

You have to be consistent with this work to make it through the tough spots. This is why we work together for a full 6 months, so we can get you from square one to feeling free, instead of just taking one baby step at a time.


If you talk with a counsellor or dietitian once a week, what are you supposed to do the other 6.9 days? This is what we do differently. Whenever a worry, question or victory pops up we have the online community there for you! 

We answer all questions and posts promptly and fully. You are supported all week long, every week for 6 months! This will catapult your progress because you can work through obstacles in real time.


We have seen time and again that anything less than this just doesn’t work.

You need this level of support to be able to do this once and be free.

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"One of the biggest benefits I've gotten out of this program is my 
sanity and my joy back. I just don't worry about food anymore."

— Cicilia

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 “ Freedom is a one word synopsis of what I got [from this program].”


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24 Weekly Modules

Including video lessons and worksheets covering everything you need to do to become an Intuitive Eater and find food freedom. Lifetime access.

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24 Live Coaching Calls

Weekly coaching calls with 2 Intuitive Eating experts to help you get through every obstacle that comes up along the way.

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Private Online Community

This intimate private Facebook group gives you daily access to Lauren and Jenna along the way. No question is left unanswered for the entire 6 months. Also get support from the group.

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Email Access

Throughout the entire program, email us anytime if there is something you want to ask privately. We value your privacy.

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 “ I would sign up for this program a million times over if I could.”

— Jenny Lou


You might have these questions. PRESS PLAY for the answers.

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“I used to think, am I always going to be on another plan, another program? This is honestly a way out.”

— Cassie

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 “ I find I am leaving more food on my plate. I’m not trying. It just becomes uninteresting.”

— Jean

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 Will I lose weight?

This is not a weight loss program and weight is not the point of the program. In the Intuitive Eating Academy your body will find where it is most comfortable and that might mean you lose weight, you gain weight or you stay the same. Science shows we do not have control over the size of our bodies long term (which is why diets do not work), so to do this work you must be ready to put weight loss on the back burner.


Why do I have to apply?

Everyone has to book a call before they can join the program. This is why the group is so powerful, because we make sure that every woman who joins is a great fit. This way you are joining a group of amazing women who are ready to become Intuitive Eaters and will be a great support on your journey.

What if I can’t make the live calls?

Not a problem. All of the calls are recorded and if you cannot make it to the call you can also submit questions beforehand that we will answer and you can watch the recording. We have worked with women all over the world; if you are in a different time zone and can’t make the live calls, you can still find your freedom!


How many women are in the groups?

The maximum number of women in each group is 15. We have found that this is perfect number of women to create a strong community while being able to receive extensive personal coaching along the way.


What if I have an eating disorder?

We do not work with those with active eating disorders.

Why is this not just another diet?

Some women worry that this is just another fad and they don’t want to fail yet another “program”. Intuitive Eating is different because it isn’t about learning some new system, it’s about unlearning everything you’ve been taught by diet culture. It is about getting back to your natural state as an Intuitive Eater. We were all born intuitive and then diet culture got ahold of us.


What age are the women in the program?

We have worked with women from 20 years old to 73 years old and the same process works for everyone. The way we think as dieters is universal — although everyone will have a different story, each person is going through something very similar.

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 "Before, food was my world. Now my world is my kids, my husband
 and enjoying everything I've been missing for the last 20 years."

— Shalese

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Lauren and Jenna met in 2016 when Jenna interviewed Lauren for a speaker series about ditching the diet. Immediately they knew they wanted to work together to create the most effective Intuitive Eating program on the market.

They were trained and certified by The Original Intuitive Eating Pros (Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch, authors of Intuitive Eating) but it’s really their lived experience of being stuck in food and body obsession and finding freedom themselves that gives them the expertise in how to get you to where you want to go.

Almost 100 women have been through the Intuitive Eating Academy and freedom is found with every round of the program. To be in the next round just click the apply now button below.

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“It’s worth it. Any amount of money would have been worth it to be honest.”

— Beth