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Diets don't work but here you are after 10, 20, 30 years, trying yet another one and hating the entire process.

We get it, we've been there. 

"Just one more diet, this will be the one that works!"

"If I just lose ten more pounds I'll be happy with my body."

"I'll be so much more content if I can just lose the weight."

"My life will really start once this weight is gone."

These thoughts are all too familiar and they're also total BS. The weight loss never brings the joy you think it will and 95% of people gain the weight back anyways AND 2/3 of those people gain more weight than they lost in the first place (if you find your weight is creeping up over the years even though you've been dieting this may be the reason).


You don't have to diet for one more day.

You can repair your metabolism, feel in control around food, feel good in your body and actually ENJOY life again all while working towards a healthier, happier you. For 20 + years we, Jenna and Lauren, were consumed by food thoughts and body hate all day, everyday. It's no way to live and we'd finally had it; we could not diet for ONE. MORE. DAY.

We both went on our own winding, messy journeys to get out of the diet cycle and it wasn't easy. Jenna took an approach focused on figuring out food with Intuitive Eating and Health at Every Size Principles and Lauren took a self love approach. We made all the mistakes you could make but we also made amazing discoveries. We use this experience to lead other women to the other side of dieting and body hate. We know what obstacles are going to come up, we know the tools that'll get you there, and we use this knowledge to make this easier for you than it was for us.

Utilizing Intuitive Eating, body positivity and self love we have created a path for you to follow to escape the diet cycle and finally be FREE.

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It's time to ENJOY life again.

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What can Intuitive Eating do for me?

  • Maintain YOUR healthy weight
  • Never have to follow a meal plan or "program" again
  • Repair your relationship with food (AKA: Stop being crazy around food!)
  • Be able to listen to your body's signals (hunger, fullness, satisfaction etc.)
  • Actually enjoy food again, guilt free
  • Be at more social events and don't worry about the food when you get there (actually be present!)
  • Truly enjoy moving your body
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The Body Love Society Group program is built on the principles of intuitive eating, self love practices, and a focus on ditching the diet mentality (which is likely what is standing in your way if you're trying to ditch the diet now with no luck).


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We work in 3 main stages:


Stage 1: Ditch the diet mentality

  • Recognize and learn about the damage that dieting does (low self esteem, stress, no self trust, weight gain)
  • Get rid of your dieter's tools (that scale ain't helping anyone)
  • Release the food rules you follow that keep you stuck in the cycle
  • Get rid of all or nothing thinking (restriction/binge cycles)
  • Learn and practice self compassion
  • Be able to eat foods you enjoy without guilt or shame (therefore preventing binge eating)

Stage 2: Implement and Embody the Principles of Intuitive Eating

  • Learn how to tap into your body's signals, such as hunger, fullness and satisfaction
  • Make peace with food and feel totally in control around any food at any time
  • Tune out the diet voices and tap into what your body really needs (creating balance without even trying)
  • Be able to eat your favourite foods without feeling like you need to finish every bite because the diet starts again tomorrow
  • Learn gentle nutrition so you can take good care of your body without obsessing 
  • Tackle emotional eating
  • Move your body in ways you really enjoy

Stage 3: Start loving your body and yourself

  • Stop feeling uncomfortable in your body
  • Start practicing self compassion (to attain the happiness you always thought the weight loss would bring)
  • Self acceptance is vital before any positive change can happen
  • Use tools and strategies to make you feel better in your body TODAY
  • Rewire your brain pathways to think of yourself in a more positive light (with practice and strategies this happens over the course of the program)
  • Treat your body with respect, give it what it wants -- it WANTS salad as much as it wants pizza but by restricting the foods you see as "bad", you train your body to crave them.

Here's How It Will Work:

Weekly Monday evening group coaching call.

Private Facebook Group - This creates a strong bond between members and we're always in there to answer questions.

Unlimited Email Support for more private questions.

Access to an online library of Q and A call recordings.

** All calls are recorded so if you cannot make it live you won't miss a thing **

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Eat the foods you enjoy without guilt.

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Hey, I'm Lauren. Three years ago: Although I made progress with an eating disorder I’d struggled with for 10 years I was still in the thick of orthorexia. Meaning I was obsessed with eating the perfect food. No matter what I ate I always had to find the “healthiest” version. I roamed Whole Foods stores for hours obsessing over nutrition facts and superfoods (insert eye roll emoji). I was an exercise addict and gave all of my energy to what my body looked like. Talk about misery! 

NOW? I wake up every morning feeling peace in my body. Instead of hitting the gym for 2 hours of hell I go on a walk with my 2 cuter than heck pups. I can actually focus on what matters such as my career, my husband, and my social life (and so much more)! The point is I have the mental space to do it. The best way to describe how I live and feel today is FREE. 

HOW? To be honest, I was in the midst of a quarter life crisis. I was dealing with a broken heart and spiraled into a depression. Long story short, I knew I had to do something to get out so I started a self-love journey. On that journey (without even trying) my relationship to food and my body started to shift. I started to speak more compassionately to myself, stopped judging myself, and learned self-acceptance. Once I found self-love and self-compassion that’s when my life opened up to Intuitive Eating and quitting the diet world forever. I’ve turned my struggle into triumph and now work along side the lovely Jenna where we dedicate our lives to helping women feel good in their bodies and free around food. 

Fun facts: When I’m not working with Jenna on Skype (as we live in different countries) I’m most likely cuddling my rescue pups, Chai and Livie. I LOVE working (and writing) in coffee shops while sipping on a latte. You will always find a salt lamp lit up in my home and a crystal around my neck. Woo woo stuff is my jam!


Hi, I'm Jenna. Three years ago I was a body obsessed, dieting, bingeing, food crazed woman. I was as thin as I was going to get and I was still miserable as ever (READ: the body won't get you the feelings you think it will). 

NOW?  I'm a body lovin', anti-diet, free around food, wonder woman! My world is open and anything seems possible, and food is easy! I really never thought this could be my life, I really believed I was too far gone. 

HOW? I knew that starting yet another diet was pointless. It'd been ten years and I was exactly where I started; hating my body, out of control around food and feeling unworthy.

So I got serious about ditching the diet and figuring out how to eat and live without a meal plan telling me what to do every minute of the day. It wasn't easy, there were a lot of ups and downs. As I started feeling more free around food and in my body I discovered Intuitive Eating, body positivity and self love and got myself to this place of freedom. 

Fun facts: I LOOOVE pizza and I'm into painting and other artsy fartsy things.

Imagine being free around food and enjoying ALL foods everyday.

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Ready for some serious results in just 6 months?


+ The ability to eat whatever you want and feel great doing it

+ Freedom from the diet mindset and food rules

+ Be able to go out for dinner with your friends and not stress about the calories

+ Feel comfortable in your body and in your clothes (regardless of the size)

+ Discover who you are without the constant quest for weight loss

+ Only do movement you actually like

+ Cultivate happiness in the life you have NOW


Click on a name and hear about her journey in The Body Love Society.