You have a really great life… but this one thing is holding you back from truly living it.

Food and your body: it takes up way too much time and energy that you could be spending on way more important things.

You want to stop thinking about food all day and be free to live your amazing life to the fullest.

You’re looking to stop losing and gaining the same pounds year in and year out all while making yourself crazy over it.

You’re ready for this obsession to stop and for this last piece of the puzzle to fall into place.

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Exhausted from your thoughts always being consumed with food and diet worries?

Do you wish you could just eat normally like your friend who can order a burger and fries, actually leaves fries on the plate and doesn't talk about it afterwards? It seems so easy for her to be balanced!

Why can’t you just eat normally too?


Do you feel like you can't keep any yummy foods in the house or you'll go out of control?

* (Or even if you don't succumb, you can't stop thinking about that damn ice cream in the freezer all day and night.)

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You're an Intuitive Eater and the shame and guilt around food is gone. You can eat freely and make decisions that honour your body without restricting.

You don't think about food until you're hungry (even dessert!)

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You can have a smoothie because you want to, not because it's on your meal plan.

You can have a piece of cake at a birthday party and it's not the end of the world.

You enjoy all foods when you want them and it's easy to stop when you're full!

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You can take off your swimsuit cover up at the beach in Tulum and feel like a total bad ass in the body you have right now. You can live your amazing life to the fullest!

No more covering yourself and trying to pose perfectly for a photo with your family. Just RELAX and have fun!

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Dieting is not maintainable and it leads to a whole whack of problems. 


+ teaches the body to retain more fat

+ slows weight loss with each diet attempt

+ decreases metabolism

+ increases binge eating and cravings

+ increased risk of premature death and heart disease

+ causes body shape to change

(From Intuitive Eating: by Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch)


This is why when you lose weight it doesn’t stay off for long (and often more comes back than you lost in the first place).

This is why you feel addicted to food!

This is why you binge.

This is why every diet seems more difficult than the last.

This is why you can stop dieting now and find your healthiest life yet (body, mind and soul).

Over 80 studies show that Intuitive Eating comes with many associated health benefits:


  • Increased well-being
  • Lower risk of eating disorders
  • Improved blood sugar and cholesterol
  • Intuitive Eaters eat more variety

And it works in real life, not just in theory!

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There are a few things that are likely big obstacles in the way of you getting to this life of freedom...


The fear of weight gain after years of trying desperately to keep the weight off can be unnerving, we get it. 


Worrying about what people will think if your body changes can be scary as hell! You’ve been the “healthy one” or the “dieter” for so long, what will people think when that’s not the most important thing about you anymore?


Even if you don't want to diet anymore, there is a big blind spot around what to do instead! Not having a plan or rules can feel uneasy and like it would get out of control fast!

You live in a world where everyone around you is dieting! So how can you be expected to escape it?

We know how to handle all of these obstacles!

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We were completely miserable and stuck in the dieting cycle for over 20 years combined. Our thoughts were consumed with food and body worries and we were constantly trying new plans or programs to find THE ONE that was going to "fix" us. (Hint: a big part of this journey is realizing you don't need to be fixed, you just need to trust your body!)

Once we healed and became Intuitive Eaters, we found the freedom we were looking for. We thought the weight loss, the diets and the "perfect body" were where happiness was hiding; holy, were we ever wrong.

Turns out, happiness is in finding freedom, not finding the perfect diet plan.

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Intuitive Eating Academy (IEA) is a group coaching program for women to help them heal their relationship with food and their bodies. In this program we lead women to food freedom, body acceptance and they become Intuitive Eaters for life!

The reason we came together to create the Intuitive Eating Academy was because we saw there were small programs out there, dieticians working in this field and a lot of free resources but nothing that was a full A-Z program about learning to be an Intuitive Eater and how to implement it into your life so you can catapult forward on your journey out of the dieting world.

This is why we created the Intuitive Eating Academy.

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Stop Obsessing Over Food

Be like your girlfriend that can just eat a piece of cake at the birthday party and keep chatting and mingling like it was nothing.

Practice Body Acceptance

Wake up feeling like enough, there is nothing to fix, just a fun day ahead of you that you get to live to the fullest. You can live knowing you don't need to shy away from anything because of the way you look.

Become an Intuitive Eater

You can go to a buffet dinner and it's easy to choose what you want and leave the rest. You don't need to skip it nor do you need to eat until you're about to burst! You get to live in that balanced, middle place that feels free and fun!

Find Food Freedom

You can be more spontaneous and go to any restaurant with your partner and not have to look up the menu ahead of time. You can just order what looks good!


Our 3 Signature Elements that get you to being an Intuitive Eater quickly and for life are:

1. Intensity: We get straight to it from day 1 and we don't stop supporting, teaching and leading you until the last day of the program (and beyond). 

This intensity allows us to help you shift your mindset so you see food as not such a big deal and you are able to listen to your body and quit binge eating fast.

2. Consistency: We do not offer shorter programs because they just don't work. If you're going from small program to small program, (or just reading books) it's like taking two steps forward and one step back.

You have to be consistent with this work to make it through the tough spots. This is why we work together for a full 6 months, so we can get you from square one to feeling a lot more free, instead of just taking one baby step at a time.

3. Daily Support: If you talk with a counsellor or dietitian once a week, what are you supposed to do the other 6.9 days? This is what we do differently. No matter when a worry, question or victory pops up we have the online community there for you! 

We answer all questions and posts within 24 hrs! So you are supported all week long, every week for 6 months! This will catapult your progress because you can work through obstacles in real time.

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Your weekly modules include vital video lessons and worksheets that allow you to take specific steps to stop thinking about food all day and finally become an Intuitive Eater.

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 We’re not here to fix you… because there is nothing to fix.

We’re here to hold space for you.

We are prepared support you so that you can make your own choices, offer unconditional love and support, give gentle guidance when it’s needed, and make you feel safe even when you make mistakes. YOU work through this in a way that works for you, which is why it will last.

This work isn’t about perfection; it’s about growth and finding your freedom.

It is your freedom to find but we can help shine the light in the right direction!

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Through this program you will gain access to videos, guides, worksheets, live coaching and implementation time to work through the 5 core pillars of the Intuitive Eating Academy.

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We will begin by stripping down all the dieting rules and messages that you've been functioning from and get you back to square one. Getting to a blank slate makes the next steps much easier. In this stage you will learn how to get rid of the dieting mindset, the dieting tools and the dieting rules.


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In this stage you will learn the Intuitive Eating principles and how to ACTUALLY implement them into your life. This part of our work is transformative not informative. You will become an Intuitive Eater not just learn what Intuitive Eating is. Here is where you will learn how to listen to your body, allow all foods in a way that feels good and stop the binge and emotional eating!

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Food freedom is important but we also need to practice body acceptance to find true overall freedom. In this stage we will help you cultivate body acceptance, body respect and body love through mindset work and tangible activities to start changing your relationship with your body. This means no more picking yourself apart in the mirror, no more being so self conscious on the beach and yes, you can even wear that red bikini you've been eyeing :). 

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You've been dieting for decades and lived in this story of how you weren't good enough, thin enough or eating healthy enough. Now is the time to disconnect from these false beliefs and create a new story for yourself! You are no longer obsessed with food and your body, your happiness is no longer defined by whether you're losing or gaining weight. Instead you are an amazing woman with a big, fulfilling life and you're actually present and appreciating every minute of it. This is where big internal shifts happen so you can truly find your freedom!

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In this stage we help you take everything you've learned into the real world. You can't stay in a body positive bubble forever, unfortunately diet culture is out there and it will still be there once you've become an Intuitive Eater. Learn how to live your life in the real world without falling back into the dieting mindset. You get to be free AND have an amazing life! 

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Will I gain weight?

We cannot know what your body will do. However, Intuitive Eating is a way of living that will allow you to get you to your weight set point, the place your body is most comfortable at. This is not your "dream body" or goal weight but it is allowing your body to be itself, allowing it to settle into a comfortable place. Intuitive Eaters are shown to have more stable weights (which is healthier for you than yo-yoing), to eat more variety and are less likely to have eating disorders, including binge eating.

Another small note on this, has dieting kept the weight off? Even if it has (which is only 1-5% of dieters) it likely comes at a huge cost, so what is the other option? With Intuitive Eating you will find stability, vibrancy and freedom while allowing your body to do it's thing (because when you're dieting it does what it wants to do anyways eventually by gaining the weight back, if not more!).


“No, but seriously, I need to lose weight”

We get it. We hear this from women all the time who have either been told by a doctor to lose weight for "health reasons" (usually just lazy medicine to be honest) or they're in the overweight or obese categories of BMI (also complete BS).

The thing is, there is nothing out there that can give you long term weight loss; so our choices are:

A) work for the rest of your life and try to manipulate your body into being a smaller size just to have the weight come back (66% of the time people gain more weight back than they lost in the first place causing dieters to actually gain more weight overtime).

B) become an Intuitive Eater, find freedom around food, be at peace and practice eating and moving in a way that serves your body well but isn't tied to weight. We do not focus on weight, we focus on feeling good. Because of this we can all feel great and be healthful at any size. Your body is brilliant and when you learn to trust it again, freedom will be yours!


Isn't it unhealthy to eat “whatever I want”?

This is a common misconception with Intuitive Eating. It's not about eating "whatever you want", it's about eating what your body is asking for and not restricting anything. This means if you want a smoothie you can have it and if a cookie is what would hit the spot you can have that too! When you trust your body and honor it with the wonderful foods it wants, you will feel great AND your body will actually find a beautiful balance that you’ve been trying to achieve through dieting. When you stop restricting food you stop being so obsessed with it! 

When I was dieting I couldn't have anything in the house or I would eat it all that night. Now I joke that I could live in a grocery store and wouldn't eat any differently than I do now. I just have foods when I am hungry and when they sound like they would be satisfying, somedays that's a chicken salad and somedays that's pizza!


If I accept my body does that just mean I'm letting myself go?

No way! Do you take good care of anything you hate? I sure don't. When you accept, respect and even love your body you can then move forward from a place of love and care. You can eat, move and take care of your body in ways you actually enjoy! (Imagine a life where you are taking care of yourself, feeling "healthy" AND enjoying the process). This is what you can have with Intuitive Eating and Body Love!


I'm scared if I don't have a plan I will go crazy!

We get that. That uneasiness is why we are here to support you! We give you weekly things to focus on and small activities to take on so you have a plan. But instead of a rigid diet plan you get to follow a path that will lead you to food freedom so you never need a plan again! You'll know what to do at every turn once you're done working with us.


How is this different than a diet plan or wellness program?

We're not here to tell you what to do. We're here to teach you how to tap back into your own abilities to figure out what to eat, how to move and how to take care of yourself, in a way that best serves YOU! You're the only one that can truly know your body and what it needs, so we want the power to be put back into your hands -- we don’t tell you what to do, we tell you how to do it for yourself.


How much time will I need to dedicate to this every week?

A hell of a lot less time than dieting and stressing about your body takes out of your day! :)

It is a small time commitment each week, there are about 30 minutes per week of lessons to watch, some worksheets that will help facilitate what you learn in the video lessons, and 90 minutes for our weekly live coaching call. 

The rest of the time you will just be working on implementing what you're learning into your everyday life so that by the end of the program you are living as an Intuitive Eater, you're not just a person who knows the guidelines of how to eat intuitively. 


Everyone around me diets, how can I do this by myself?

That's why we're here and why the group aspect of this program is so powerful. You get to join a handful of other women who are on the same journey as you. They're here to ditch the diet for good just like you are and you can all work at it together.

You have a community that is on your side, that is speaking your language and we all GET you! You can share and get strong in this work. Once you leave the program you still get continued support if you choose in our maintenance program but you will feel strong around dieters in your life because you are strong in your work as an Intuitive Eater. (You can't live in a bubble forever, dieting is going to be out there, so we teach you how to be strong in the face of it).

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This is where your life changes. It is completely up to you where to go from here.

There is a world available to you where food is easy and you feel good in your body every single day, now all you need to do is reach out and take it!

We are here to support you in this transition from dieter to Intuitive Eater and to help with anything you need along the way. You don't have to go at this alone for one more day. We got you!

The rest of your life is in front of you and if you want it to be full of travel, friends, family, spontaneity and ease around food; not diets, yo-yoing weight and failure then you are in the right place.

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A note from your coaches:

Hey Beautiful,

We just wanted to say hi and to say that we're happy you're here! We both know the pain and crazy feelings that can come with being stuck on the dieting rollercoaster and that is why we are here to help you get off for good!

We're here for you every step of the way and cannot wait to see how your life blossoms outside of being the "dieter". We know you're going to blow us away with what is possible for you in this life! :)

If you're looking to hear from more people who found this freedom for themselves, feel free to pop over to our client stories page to see more videos from amazing women, just like you, who have become Intuitive Eaters and found their food freedom.

Look forward to talking soon! xoxo

Lauren and Jenna

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