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Ep 053 - Trying VS Doing VS Transformation

This journey has a lot of stages.

There are the early days. You just found out about Intuitive Eating. You know you've reached diet bottom but are unsure of really what to do.

You may have even read the book Intuitive Eating and it makes so much sense doesn't it?

I mean, clearly the meal plans and the strict rules aren't working. They leave us binge eating, obsessing over food all day and feeling out of control.

So, yes - listen to your body, let IT tell you what to do, eat, how to move.

This seems doable.

But here you are with the mind of a dieter and decades of dieting habits ingrained in you.

So you start TRYING this Intuitive Eating thing. 

You tell your friends you're trying to stop the diets.

You over eat at lunch and you promise yourself you'll try harder tomorrow.

The trying stage is the first step.

Then there's the doing stage.

This is where you really are committed to never dieting again, you mean business.

You are taking action - using the tools of Intuitive Eating, listening to the best non diet podcasts (I mean you're here after all!) and doing your best to tune into your body.

But this stage is still a lot of hard work. 

Lastly is the transformation stage.

This is where you are LIVING as an Intuitive Eater.

It just IS. You are transformed.

Listen to this episode to learn more about what next steps to take depending on which stage you are at right now.

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Lauren and Jenna 

Ep 052 - LIVE from Los Angeles

We are TOGETHER IN PERSON and LIVE from Los Angeles!

Today we are sharing about our weekend and how you can be intuitive during vacation and travel.

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Ep 051 - Late Night Snacking: Community Question

Our first community question episode. We are talking about late night snacking. What do you do when it feels like you can listen to your body pretty well in the day but then night time comes and it's a free for all!

We give a lot of different insights into why this is happening.

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Lauren and Jenna 

Ep 050 - The only way to accept yourself now AND work towards goals

Does accepting yourself scare you?

"Am I giving up?" "Will I ever be able to work towards goals ever again?"

The real question is -- how can we find peace in the moment and have some dang goals in life to work towards?

THIS is how - and honestly, it's the only way to achieve this balance.

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Lauren and Jenna 

Ep 049 - You are not alone…

Getting support can be hard.

As dieters we hid a lot of the struggle, so we're used to doing things alone...

But getting out of the diet madness requires community and support!

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Lauren and Jenna 

Ep 048 - Quick Coaching: Should, Shouldn’t, Can’t and Have to…

Do you hear yourself often saying... I should really workout today, I shouldn't eat that cupcake, I have to stop eating bread, I can't eat sugar.... 

These things are so common but these little words are sabotaging your food freedom efforts.

If you want to stop dieting you MUST stop saying these things..learn why and what to do instead so you can find wellness without the obsession.

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See you next week! (We have some very exciting news coming!)


Lauren and Jenna 

Ep 047 - Marie Kondo for Faster Food Freedom

How to Marie Kondo your life so you can stop dieting and find wellness without the obsession!

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Love, Lauren and Jenna

Ep 046 - What Happens When You Stop Dieting…

Whether you are still dieting and trying to stop or off of the diet but not feeling like this is where you want to end up - this is going to help.

There is a very typical pattern to what happens when we go off the diets and this can give you great insight into how to navigate the madness!

We'd love to chat if you are really for wellness without the obsession -- bit.ly/tblsapply

You can learn more here -- bit.ly/undietprogram

Love, Jenna and Lauren 


Ep 045 - End Binge Eating Permanently

Tired of finding yourself binge eating every weekend?

Here are 3 steps you can take to stop binge eating and start feeling more free around food.

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Ep 044 - False beliefs and how they create your reality

Your thoughts and beliefs create your reality.

But what happens when your beliefs aren't all that empowering?

You must shift them in order for anything to change.

Tune in to learn how!

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Love, Lauren and Jenna 

Ep 042 - 3 Steps to growth (AKA: What you must do to get out of the diet cycle)

Feeling stuck on your journey out of the diets and into food and body freedom?

Do you think about food all day?

Do you binge eat?

Do you hate your body and you're ready for a change?

These are the 3 steps you must take in order to make any sort of change in your life.

YES - change is uncomfortable AND you can do this.

Want in for our free training on Feb 11 (Monday)?

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In this training you will learn the 4 phases to be able to:

+ Stop thinking about food all day

+ End binge eating

+ Fall back in love with your body and your life


xoxo Lauren and Jenna 

Ep 041 - All Or Nothing Thinking

Do you get trapped in all or nothing thinking?

You know:

 I eat perfectly or screw it

I go to the gym everyday or may as well not go at all

I do it all or I do nothing...

Freedom is the place in-between.

But it can hard to get there if you are stuck in all or nothing thinking.

Tune in to hear how to start getting out of this thinking so you can start on your way to food and body freedom, to really being able to have it all.

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Ep 040 - Don’t get stuck in these two distractions + what to do instead

There are 2 common distractions that get people stuck in their journey to ditching the diet and getting empowered in their relationship with food and their bodies.

Listen in to learn what they are, how they can be avoided and what to do instead if you're ready to really move on with your life.

Learn more about how you can get empowered here --> www.thebodylovesociety.com/method

Ep 039 - Hating Diet Culture Isn’t Helping

After coming out of the haze of dieting we know it can be pretty infuriating when you see "the light".

When you realize what a scam dieting is and how you've been duped for so many years into buying into something that doesn't work and worse yet, is actually harmful, but here's the thing...

We can get really caught up in hating on diet culture but it just isn't helpful.

If you're truly looking to find freedom from diet culture, this is what you should do instead.

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Jenna and Lauren 

Ep 038 - QUICK COACHING: The Reason why it can be so hard to accept your body

Ever wonder why you can't just "get over it" and accept your body?

This plays a big part in it.

Interested in accepting your body and becoming an Intuitive Eater by summer?

Check out our last ever session of the Intuitive Eating Academy starting January 20.

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Love, Jenna and Lauren

See you in the New Year!

Ep 037 - I’m afraid to see certain people after gaining weight!

Worried about going home for the holidays or your 25 year high school reunion after ditching the diets and perhaps gaining some weight?

We get it -- it can be scary to think that all these people are going to be judging you! 

Here is how to get through it and most importantly, heal to the extent that you don't even worry about this anymore!

Want to reach out to see how we can work together?

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Talk soon

Lauren and Jenna 

Ep 036 - The Truth About Your Weight

We did a poll on our Instagram asking about the #1 concern when becoming an Intuitive Eater and weight gain was pretty much the only answer.

Diet culture has really taken a toll on us when we would rather obsess and worry about food all day than have the possibility that we may gain some weight (not that that possibility isn't there with dieting but the diet industry likes to pretend that weight gain doesn't exist in dieting).

Here are some ways that you can work around these fears AND the truth about your weight.

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Lauren and Jenna 

Ep 035 - Weight Gain Fears Holding You Back?

Let's face it -- weight gain is likely your #1 fear when it comes to ditching the diet and becoming an Intuitive Eater.

This is the #1 thing that people seem to get hung up on - thanks for nothing diet culture!

Here are some insights into how to move past that so you can truly become free around food and in your body.

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Love, Jenna and Lauren 

Ep 034 - Worried about Holiday Eating? Don’t Be.

Worried about all the holiday parties and dinners coming up?

You don't have to be. With these mindset shifts and practical tools you can rest easier as you go into this busy and food filled time.

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Much Love,

Jenna and Lauren

Ep 033 - What is the Intuitive Eating Academy?

Hello Gorgeous, 

We just wanted to share our work with you so you can see what is possible for yourself!

If you're interested in seeing if the Intuitive Eating Academy is a good fit for you click here -- www.thebodylovesociety.com/intuitive-eating-academy.

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Love, Lauren and Jenna

Ep 032 - How do I take care of my body if I’m not trying to lose weight?

Ever feel like you've just stopped taking care of yourself since stopping the constant quest for weight loss?

Can you even envision what taking care of yourself means if you aren't restricting?

Tune in to hear how you can take great care of your body and yourself without it needing to be about restricting food or hunting for weight loss.

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Love, Lauren and Jenna 

Ep 031 - How to exercise without obsessing over it

Want to move your body but aren't sure how since you only ever used to do it to lose weight?

Tune in to hear about how you can move your body in an intuitive way and actually enjoy it!

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Much Love,

Jenna and Lauren 

Ep 030 - Body Acceptance Misconceptions

Who needs body acceptance?

What is it really and what isn't it?

We have a big perspective shift that we're sharing today and it's definitely something you're going to want to consider if you're working towards body acceptance.

Thanks for tuning in! Please share the podcast so we can get the anti-diet message to grow and grow!

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Much Love,

Lauren and Jenna 

Ep 029 - Is That Your Diet Voice Talking?

We all have 2 voices (well if you've ever been a dieter you do).

We have our diet voice and we have our true voice, that voice we were all born with.

The problem with this is that dieting can become so ingrained that we can't tell if the voice we're hearing is our diet voice or your true inner voice. 

This diet voice can make us feel like we constantly need to be stressing about food, our weight and can make us feel inadequate. This is why we can get stuck in dieting for so many decades even though it isn't working.

We're here today to help you tell the difference and how to deal with these voices!

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Much Love, Lauren and Jenna xoxo

Ep 028 - Live Coaching: Chelsea

Tune in and hear another woman's journey in Intuitive Eating and Body Acceptance.

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Much Love,

Lauren and Jenna 

Ep 027 - Resist Falling Back Into Dieting

Worried that you'll slip back into dieting on your way to Intuitive Eating?

That fear makes sense: it's what's comfortable, it's what you know to do when you're feeling like you need to feel better.

But don't worry we have some great tips on how to avoid falling back into the diet.

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Lauren and Jenna 

Ep 026 - Improve Your Body Image

Wondering what body image REALLY is?

Want to know the 4 types of body image struggles and how to work through them?

Tune in!

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Ep 025 - Quick Coaching: Catastrophic Thinking

If you used to be a dieter (or are still working on getting out of the dieting cycle), you're likely a catastrophic thinker.

What is a catastrophic thinker and how does it affect you? Tune in now to find out and learn how to get over it.

Looking for more information on the Intuitive Eating Academy? -- Go here bit.ly/tblsiea 

Much Love,

Lauren and Jenna

Ep 024 - Gentle Nutrition

Gentle Nutrition is the last principle of Intuitive Eating, it's also a slippery slope back into dieting.

We explain here why you can safely skip gentle nutrition and keep on focusing on the other principles of Intuitive Eating.

Wanting to become an Intuitive Eater more quickly and with more confidence? -- Check out the Intuitive Eating Academy that starts next month here --> bit.ly/tblsiea

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Lauren and Jenna 

Ep 023 - Clothing and a Changing Body

We know that clothes can be a really difficult point when it comes to your body changing, especially if that invovles weight gain. In our dieting times, we were always looking to fit into the next smallest size and not fitting into our skinny jeans was a sure fire sign we needed to get serious again on Monday.

We know we don't want that life anymore but what do we do now when it seems like we have to always be buying new clothes for this new body?

Tune in now to learn how to cope with these changes just a little better.

Want clothes, food and body image to be easier? Check out the Intuitive Eating Academy (we start in October!) -- bit.ly/tblsiea 

Much Love,

Jenna and Lauren oxoxo

Ep 022 - Why Focusing on Your Weight Set Point is Damaging

In this episode we share with you why focusing on your set point weight is damaging. 

As ex dieters and now fully intuitive eaters, we know you cannot become free around food without letting go of trying to control your weight (SPOILER ALERT: you dont have control over it anyway).

Many people think if they stop obsessing over weight loss they will all of a sudden gain a bunch of weight, that is not how it works. Obsessing over it is actually what’s keeping you in the restrict/binge cycle which is actually what has you gain weight overtime. 

This is not to say weight gain is bad, but if your main goal is to lose weight, obsessing over it is not the way to go about it!

You may think you are eating intuitively but if you are still terrified of weight gain or thinking about how IE might help you lose weight, you’re not, this is just another diet.

In Intuitive Eating you’ve probably heard of the weight set point, this is discussed in intuitive eating because when you tune into your body instead of being on the diet rollercoaster your body WILL find a happy place to land, this is rarely your “goal weight” but it is a place your body can be comfortable and maintain for a long time. 

Your set point weight can be less than it is now, more or the same, it doesn't matter, it’s about finding stability NOT finding weight loss. 

This is where things can get tricky because people think, oh i've let go of focusing on weight loss, now i'm just waiting to get to my set point weight….. This is the same thing.

NOTE: Your set point weight will change over time, from aging, circumstances, pregnancies, hormones etc.

You will learn the reasons why waiting for that infamous set point weight is preventing you from finding freedom and balance with food and your body. 

You can join our free FB community by clicking on this link- bit.ly/TBLSfbgroup

Ep 21 - Live Coaching With Mary

Listen in as we coach Mary!

In this episode:

-Comparrsion steals joy 

-Learn how to mother yourself 

-Put weight loss on the back burner 

-Create your own trust mantra

For more info on the Intuitive Eating Academy: bit.ly/tblsiea

Ep 020 - QUICK COACHING - Making Food Neutral

Today's quick coaching episode is about making food neutral. We share why all food truly does get to be neutral. You may be thinking..how in the heck can chocolate and broccoli be one in the same? We share all about how you can take the morality out of food- not making it good or bad, just neutral. If you have any questions please email us at hello@thebodylovesociety.com 

xo Lauren and Jenna 

Ep 19 - Why Your Fitbit is Hurting you

Still wearing your fitbit? 

Here is why you might want to stop.

Want more information about Intuitive Eating? -- Download our free Intuitive Eating guide here www.bit.ly/tblsguide 

Ep 018 - Why Your Fitbit is Hurting You

Still wearing your Fitbit? 

Here is why you might want to stop.

Want more information about Intuitive Eating? -- Download our free Intuitive Eating guide here www.bit.ly/tblsguide 

Ep 017 - Diet Mentality - Live Coaching with Andrea

We chatted with Andrea as she continues on her journey to become an Intuitive Eater.

This was a powerful call and we covered a lot but much of this journey comes down to dealing with the diet mentality.

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Ep 016 - QUICK COACHING: The Grieving Process

Our first Quick Coaching episode!

In these mini episodes we will be sharing a quick coaching tip so you can move forward in your journey towards Intuitive Eating and Body Love with some tangible skills and mindset shifts.

Today's Quick Coaching is about the grieving process - this is a vital step in the process that a lot of people miss and therefore get blocked from finding true freedom.


What are you grieving? 

  • The thin ideal

  • Your past body

  • The idea that you can control their body size

  • The idea that a diet will fix everything and that they work

  • The loss of the time and energy you put into dieting in the past

  • Grieving/forgiving yourself for being so hard on yourself for so long

  • Anything else you feel like you need to let go of

Let us know if you did the activity and how you think it'll help you moving forward by emailing us at hello@thebodylovesociety.com

If you are looking for DAILY support so you can actually become an Intuitive Eater and feel confident in your journey you may be interested in checking out the Intuitive Eating Academy -- www.thebodylovesociety.com/intuitive-eating-academy .

Much Love,

Jenna and Lauren

Ep 015: Heal Your Comparison-itis

Does comparison hold you back on this journey to finding body confidence and food freedom?

This is the episode you are going to want to check out.

Learn how to think about things differently and learn a few tools so you can move forward and focus on your own life instead of getting into everybody else's.

Wanting to take a peek at what our Intuitive Eating Academy is all about? -- www.thebodylovesociety.com/intuitive-eating-academy 

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Love, Lauren and Jenna xoox

Ep 014: Stop Binge Eating

Do you binge eat?

We sure did for a very long time, it has got to be one of the worst feelings as a dieter. It really feels like a failure when you're eating all the foods you were working so hard to avoid. 

In this epsiode we share what binge eating is, what causes it and how to start getting away from it and towards a healthier relationship with food.

If you're looking for more deep support on this journey, check out the Intuitive Eating Academy here --> www.thebodylovesociety.com/intuitive-eating-academy

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Much Love,

Lauren and Jenna xoxo

Ep 013: Live Coaching with Caitlin

Have a special occasion you feel like you want to diet for but also know that it isn't going to work?

Caitlin had this struggle leading up to her wedding but she got through it, is on the other side and is working on getting even stronger as an Intuitive Eater as a newly married woman!

Tune in and listen to the end to hear 3 action steps YOU can take to get stronger in your journey as an Intuitive Eater and not fall back into old ways that just get you stuck in the dieting cycle again.

We have a few spots left (4) in the Intuitive Eating Academy starting July 15th. Ready to make this a permanent change and finally find your freedom around food and in your body? -- Get the deets here! www.thebodylovesociety.com/intuitive-eating-academy 

And of course you are always welcome to join our free online support community -- www.facebook.com/groups/thebodylovesociety 

Much Love,


Jenna and Lauren (and a big thanks to Caitlin for being on the show!!)

Ep 012: Body Acceptance, Pregnancy and Post Baby Bodies

Even if you've never been pregnant and don't plan on it this episode is a great insight into how Intuitive Eating can really be a life saver when you come across life changes that result in body changes.

We're all going to age and have ups and downs in life and this all comes with body changes. So how can Intuitive Eating and Body Acceptance play a part in these changes? Tune in to see!

Interested in learning more about the Intuitive Eating Academy? You can learn more here www.thebodylovesociety.com/intuitive-eating-academy or simply email us at hello@thebodylovesociety.com and tell us a bit about where you're at in your Intuitive Eating journey and we can go from there.

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Much Love,

Jenna and Lauren

Ep 011: Why Diets Don't Work

Diets do not work.

The science is there, we all know it from experience yet here we are decades later wondering what's wrong with US!

No more of that!

Tune into this episode to hear WHY the diets aren't working for you and of course, what you could be doing instead.

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Much Love,

Jenna and Lauren


Ep 010: Does Body Acceptance Mean Letting Myself Go?

Does it feel like if you accept your body this means you'll just be sitting on the couch eating bonbons for the rest of your life?

We're here to explain why that just isn't the case.

You're welcome to join our Intuitive Eating Support Group here --> www.facebook.com/groups/thebodylovesociety

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Here to support you on your journey to food and body freedom,

Jenna and Lauren xo

Ep 009: What is Intuitive Eating?

So... we got a little ahead of ourselves!

We talk about Intuitive Eating but for those that are new to the idea or have never heard of it, we are now giving an overall look at the basics!

Intuitive Eating is how we found food freedom and we know it's the way you can find it too (guaranteed; you'll find out why this works for everyone when you listen in!).

To join our free online Intuitive Eating community click here --> www.facebook.com/groups/thebodylovesociety

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Lauren and Jenna

Ep 008: I feel crappy...shouldn't I change the way I eat?

I'm sure this has happened to you before. 

You're not feeling top notch so you instantly look to what diet you could go on or what food you could cut out of your life, right?

But what if restricting your food isn't the answer? What if that is actually hurting your body and wellness, instead of helping it?

Okay, so what should we do instead??

In this episode we talk about the alternative ways we can feel better, increase our feelings of wellness and even focus on health WITHOUT restricting or dieting at all.

To join our free Intuitive Eating Support Group click here --> www.facebook.com/groups/thebodylovesociety

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Jenna and Lauren 


Episode 007: But what if I still want to lose weight? - Live Coaching with Julianna

In this week's episode we had a live coaching session with the wonderful Julianna. She is a woman from California who is new to Intuitive Eating but is so ready to leave the diets behind.

The only problem? She still really wants to lose weight! So how can she move forward? 

If you also know that dieting is no longer in the cards for you but you still want to lose weight this episode will give you a lot of insights into how to move forward along with some simple action steps you can take right now!

Be sure to join our free online community HERE!

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Much Love, Jenna and Lauren


Episode 006: How to distance yourself from diet culture!

Feel like dieitng messages are everywhere and as you start this journey you feel like you can't escape it!?!

We get that, that's why we created this episode all about what diet culture is and how you can distance yourself from it right now!

Get all our tips to move forward with less presesure from this diet crazed world we live in!

Wanting to share your story or be coached on the podcast? You can reach us at hello@thebodylovesociety.com

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Dieting doesn't need to be as 'in your face' as it might be right now. Take our suggestions and you'll be amazed at how those messages can be quieted!


Episode 005: Are you a normal eater or a disordered eater?

This week we are talking about the difference between a normal eater and a disordered eater (disordered eating is probably a lot more common than you thought!)

A big thanks to Ellyn Satter for her great input on what normal eating is!

If after this episode you think you may fall into the disordered eating category here is where you might want to begin changing things if that speaks to you:

A good place to start is our start here page to learn more about why dieting doesn't work and what to do instead.

Another amazing resource is our Free Intuitive Eating Support Group!

We are always open to talking if you want more info about how to become an intuitive eater, you can email us at hello@thebodylovesociety.com. We can also be reached here if you want to contribute any questions to a Q and A episode or to be coached on air!

Episode 004: The Problem with Weight Watchers

This week we are discussing the downfalls of programs like Weight Watchers (and the many others like it). Our main issue is with companies using the body positive and food freedom message to trick people into sign ing up for yet another diet.

We share how to identify an authentic Intuitive Eating and Anti-Diet source from those using the message to trick us!

Tune in if you're wondering WHY these programs are problematic and how to start shifting away from all diets.

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Episode 003: Feeling out of control without a meal plan? - Live Coaching Session

This week we talk to Denise, an amazing woman who is starting her journey of ditching the diet and loving her body. 

Tune into this epsiode if you:

- Are worrying what others are thinking

- Having doubts about if you can trust yourself or not on this journey

- Having anxiety around not being in a structured schedule around food and workouts anymore

The resources and practices we mention are:

Insight Timer Meditation App (can find in iTunes app store or apps for android)

Writing an empowerment letter to yourself - Write to who you see yourself to be without all the diet rules and self doubt. Empower this amazing side of you, because it's already there you just need to start speaking to it.

Redirect your thoughts using one pwoerful word! What is your word going to be? Write a bit about what this word means to you to make this exercise even more powerful.

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Episode 002: But how can I love my body if I hate it?

In this episode we talk about what it really means to love your body, the road blocks you might have getting there and a first few steps to begin the journey to a place of body peace!

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Episode 001: What the hell is this all about?

In this episode we share our personal journeys, why dieting doesn't work, what to do instead and more!

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